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(CH Covy Tucker Hill Midnight Cowboy, TC HIC OFA x CH Covy Tucker Hill's Lianna CGC, HIC, OFA)

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Starr as a pup

Starr at about 12 wks

With her first puppy...Anna

Getting a first place ribbon in Novice

With her beloved tennis ball

The perfect Starr in a perfect pose

The song playing is "Nothing Compares to You", a very appropriate song once you come to know Starr.
She has always been what I called my "Perfect Child".
From the time she was a puppy, I can't remember her ever doing anything wrong.
She is an absolute love to have around. Very intelligent and sweet, a born therapy dog.

Starr got her obedience Companion Dog (CD) title at all specialty shows.
The first was at the National in Perry where she also got her Herding Instinct Certificate (HIC)
then one in Ft. Lauderdale and Tampa.

She is absolutely NUTS for her tennis ball and is always ready for a game of catch or fetch.

Starr is very pretty and typey, good prey drive, and a willingness to please.
She has a very easy suspended sidegait, and has produced that
along with her most wonderful temperament  and other fine qualities, in her only 2 litters.

Her only daughter from her first litter, (which was a one puppy litter) Anna,
completed her Championship, 7/8/00 going Best Of Breed over 2 specials.

While no longer with us like many of our beloved pets Starr holds a very special place in my heart.
This page can't even begin to convey what she meant to me, and the memories I hold of all the shows we went to
the places we stayed and the classes we attended to get her CD, that is just a small part of our life together.
When I say above she was perfect...well she was!


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