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German Shepherd Dog Club of America (GSDCA)

German Shepherd Dog Club of Canana (GSDCC)

American Kennel Club (AKC)

Orthopedic Foundation of America (OFA)

American Dog Owners Assoc. (ADOA)

Responsible Animal Legislation Edu. Effort Found (RALEEF)


Show GSD Online


GSD Museum

GSD Owners Guide

Puppy Aptitude Test

What you should ask a breeder before buying a pup

Dog Show Super Site

Can we help you keep your pet?

Info on Obedience Trials

Common Problems (Shirley Chong keeper pages)

Dr P's Dog Training Library

Crate Training

Clicker Training

Click & Treat! (More clicker stuff)

More Pet names

2000 Pet names

Dog Play

Dogmark Cool Dog Site of the Day

Canine Bloat, Links and FAQ's

Bloat and a link to Potassium deficiency?

Emergency Dog Links

Canine Reproductive Seminar

Hip Dysplasia-Are breeders winning the battle?


Elbow Dysplasia

Eliminating Genetic Disease

Canine Epilepsy resource center

Planned Breeding By Lloyd Brackett

Reducing Breed Defects (article by Dr Battligia)

Vascular Ring Anomaly


Megaesophagus & Diet

The Dog Genome Project

Degenerative Myelopathy

Encyclopedia of Canine Vet Info

Veterinary Perinatal Specialties

German Shepherd Dog Rescue - Listings by state

Rau Dog Shows Online

Jack Onofrio Dog Show Online

Infodog (MB-F)

Valley Vet Supply

K-V Vet Supply

J-B Wholesale Pet Supplies

Revival Animal Health

Lambert Vet Supply

Pet Insurance

Jeffers Pet Supply

Pet Supplies Delivered

Pet Edge

Pet Loss Support

The original Rainbow Bridge

Rainbows Bridge

Virtual Pet Cemetery

The Animal Rights Plan (A must read!)

Dog News Online

Dog World Magazine

Monks of New Skete

E-Mail Canine Times Newsletter

Dog Food Comparison Charts

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