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btn  American Kennel Club (AKC)

btn Poodle Club of America

btn  Versatility In Poodles (VIP)

btn Diversity In Poodles

Dogs for Sale - Find out important information you should know before you buy a pet shop dog.

btn  Optigen

btn Is The Poodle right for you?

btn Color Genes in the Poodle

Coat Color Genetics

btn Dr. Dodds' Recommended Vaccination schedule

The Pet Center (health care)

btn Common Problems (Shirley Chong keeper pages)

btn  Canine CPR

btn  Grooming the Standard Poodle (helpful regardless of variety)

btn  Grooming the Toy Poodle

btn Poodle Support Group (Poodle mailing list)

btn Poodle Pedigree Database

btn  Conformation Stacking

btn   Questions to ask a breeder  

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